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You're an eco-friendly, good natured, young pot dealer who drives a Leaf.  Being eco-friendly has its challenges for young drug runners.  Each day you have 1 battery charge with around 85 miles of distance. Do you spend your miles traveling to the east side 4-20 gas station or do you travel to Half Foods in the suburbs (they have a charger out front).  One choice may provide higher profits at the cost of your car battery.  The choice isn't always easy!  

Think you can hang out at a charger all day?  Think again!  The heat gets on to your location pretty fast.  Spending too much time at a charger just might cut your day short and send you upstate for 5-10.  Though you can take some solace in knowing that your carbon footprint would be smaller in prison.

Install instructions

This is a standard Unity game build for Win32.


LeafRunner_SinglePlayer.zip 92 MB

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